What is iZettle?

iZettle is a Mobile card payment solution that works with iOS & Android devices, without the need for a merchant account number. You simply connect the card reader to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, open the app, sign in to your iZettle account and start taking card payments. It really is that simple. The card readers are contactless and fully support Android & Apple Pay. Taking card payments couldn’t be any more simple. If you need to take card payments in a hurry and don’t have a merchant account number then this is a perfect solution for your business. Ideal also for events.

It’s just a card reader, how do I print receipts?Star printer

Don’t worry we have got you covered, at New Horizon Systems we stock  compatible printers ranging from mobile printers that are perfect for events, to stationary printers that are more suited to a shop or café environment. All of which connect to the iZettle app via Bluetooth. As well as being able to print receipts you are also able to text or email a receipt to your customers. See all our bundles available on our website.

Do I need a Merchant Number?

No! iZettle does not require you to have a merchant number or separate contract with a merchant services provider. You just need an bank account registered in the name of your business, in case of a business account, or in your own name for a private account. Not needing a Merchant Account number is one of the biggest advantages of using this card reader.

If you have an event coming up but don’t have the time to wait for a Merchant services provider to process your application. iZettle is the way forward.

All you need to do is sign up to an iZettle account.

Am I tied to a contract and have to pay a monthly fee?

Absolutely not! You are not tied to any contract and definitely do not have to pay any monthly fees! All you pay for is the card transaction fees.

Card transaction fees vary from 2.75% to 1%. The way this works is the more you sell the less you pay! Below are example of how this is calculated.

If you took £2000 worth of card transactions you would pay 2.75%.

If you then went on to take £5000 worth of card transactions for the month you would then only pay 1.92%

Still not convinced, why not hear from our customers themselves?

izettle card reader

What Cards can I accept?

iZettle accepts various Credit & Debit cards including Apple Pay & Android Pay. Below is all the types of cards iZettle Accepts;

izettle card payments