Kitchen Display Screens for Restaurants – 5 Reasons why you need one!

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What you need to know – Kitchen Display Screens


In recent years the popularity of Kitchen Display Screens for restaurants, Fast Food and Cafes has grown considerably especially as now the clear benefits of owning a Kitchen Screen linked with an Epos System have been established. In any modern restaurant a Kitchen screen is now an essential part of any system.

Fast food restaurants have been replacing their old ticket printers with big screens capable of displaying orders with time stamps, order requests and even a timer on orders being held for too long.

Companies such as ICRTouch have been developing software since 1999 and have always had their minds set towards improving the industry. With large focus towards these improvements, ICRTouch developed a key part of any Hospitality based kitchen: TouchKitchen.

TouchKitchen is a system that “transforms the way cafe and restaurant food orders are processed” and that is a sentence that would grab anyone’s attention. So, the real question is “How can Kitchen Screens benefit my Business”?

Here are five reasons why you need one.

A Kitchen Display Screens quickly provides ROI (Return of Investment) as you use less paper.

As much as Kitchen Display Screens offer a wide bounty of features they also will save you money in the long run. Without having to spend money on multiple kitchen printers, possible ink ribbons for more traditional kitchen printers, maintenance on printers and even till rolls, a simple screen replacement can be a very wise investment. On average, the standard kitchen process 70-100 covers per evening in a large-scale restaurant, meaning that a kitchen would have to print and keep track of 70+ Pieces of paper per night, 500+ Per week resulting in needing a replacement roll every 2-3 days. This can cost you upwards of £25.00 without even calculating the replacement of printer out of warranty and replacement of ink ribbons.


A Kitchen Display Screens linked with Epos provides better controls for restaurants

Having control over your orders is important. TouchKitchen for example displays all orders in an easy to read format with a touch screen interface allowing chefs and other kitchen staff to view orders as they come in with both an easy to read format and an interactive platform that is simple to use. The tickets can also be freely moved and set to keyboard controls if touchscreens aren’t viable.


More Efficient Kitchen, fewer mistakes with a Kitchen Display Screen

Given how the system is fully integrated with the Epos Systems that you will have on the bar and waiting stations, errors with printer or even hand written tickets are almost entirely abolished. No more smudges or messy handwriting messing up and order in the kitchen. Having a Kitchen screen system also eliminates the worry of lost or damaged tickets. Overall this creates a more easily flowing system for any hospitality based kitchen.


Order Time Tracking

Order time tracking on the system tracks both time the order came in and time that it has taken to process and finish the order. This allows kitchen staff to know when orders have been stationary for too long as well as when an order needs to be taken priority wise. This kind of system is an absolute dream for any head chef as it allows them to allocate staff perfect with the guidance of the timer system.


Speed up your service with a Kitchen Display Screen.

Speed is important in any kitchen. As the Pos system is linked to the kitchen screen, speed between the waiters, waitresses and kitchen staff is cut in many ways. No trips to the kitchen are needed to deliver tickets for orders and since kitchen staff are presented with messages that are easy to read, there is never an issue with written communication. This tied up with the order time tracking allows for full organization of kitchen timing. Speeding up service allows for more covers to be served within a sitting meaning that you can turn away less customers in the long run too.

The truth is no matter how large or small a company you are, a kitchen screen can benefit you in multiple ways.

At New Horizon Systems we provide a complete Epos Solution for Restaurants order our Free brochure where you can see all the options available including our Kitchen Screen solutions.

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