10 Reasons why EPOS Rental and Till Rental is #1 choice!

10 Benefits of Till Hire POS Rental and EPOS Rental

As with a lot of things available, money is always a factor when it comes down to choosing the right system for businesses. Everybody wants to have Epos systems or tills that can provide them with the necessary features without breaking the bank. These Systems are generally quite low cost and do not require a massive up front cost. The basic costs for renting a till or renting an epos system are deliveries, rental charges/setup and a refundable deposit. Using Epos Systems or tills during an event should be an easy task and avoids having to spend money on an expensive system without the knowledge on how to use it. Some companies offer free support for the entirety of their rental whereas some will charge. This is down to the individual companies however we offer free support as standard on all our Epos Rental and Till Hire.

2. Payments are usually fixed and tax deductible

With an Epos system or any till hire, you are always guaranteed to have the most up to date prices that can be offered from the company. Sometimes companies will have special offers for you to take advantage of depending upon availability. From the time of acceptance of order, the rates you have paid are fixed and are unlikely to change. This mean you will not be charged any extra on the rentals, if you have been following the terms set by the rental agreement.

All rental costs are tax deductible so offer tax advantages. Although all prices stated (excluding deposit) have VAT listed on these, if your business is Vat registered this is reclaimable

3. Support and Product updates

When you hire a till all companies should make sure that you have the most reliable equipment for your till rental. Even with an epos rental, you should be offered the most up to date version of the software available to use without charging you any extra. The only reason this would change would be down to compatibility of the hardware and software. It is best to use a company that offers a variety of software suited to your needs and not an off the shelf version that misses the features that you require. If you can, request a demo of the Epos Software prior to the rental.

The added benefit with this is that most companies will offer support whenever you need it. With your rental system be it Epos or a till, you are given a support line to assist you from start to finish. A weekend support number is also normally provided to assist you in those times of need. On average, Support ranges from phone calls with simple fault fixes to more complex solutions if needed such as remote access or even on a worst-case scenario sending you replacement equipment on the next available delivery slot. The company is liable to provide you with working systems for your event but check the terms and conditions.

 4. Reliability and Quick set up

Short term Epos rentals, and till rentals are designed to be easy to use, quick to set up and reliable from start to finish. Basic and preset tills generally need to be connected to power and they are ready to go. There isn’t too much difference between that and and a Epos Systems either, just a couple more connections and off you go. Companies will provide a manual and documents containing the relevant information for setup and if you have a question that the documents cannot help you with, the support line will be able to assist you with this.

Any rental company that specialises in rental should have a lot of equipment going in and out and should be aware of any faults in process or systems very quickly. This adds to the reliability of systems as the processes would have been tried and tested by many other companies beforehand. To test the ground on this, check company reviews and if listed, check the company has had any testimonials from previous companies worked with.

5. Try before you buy!

For a long-term strategy, it is a better idea to try an epos system on short term before you go onto use the system on a long-term basis or even if you wish to purchase in the future. Companies will offer systems that are tested in terms of both hardware and software so if you decide to purchase in the future the changeover can be done easily.

If you are uncertain of the benefits of any solutions long-term, a short-term rental will help you decide which system is right for you. Most companies will even allow you to extend your rental if needed, all you need to do is let them know at least 24 hours before the designated collection date.

6. Flexibility and avoiding mistakes

Ordered the wrong equipment or hardware for your business? With an Epos rental, you can return the equipment without too much money being lost. Most companies will only charge you the delivery and collection fees for the service and will swap out the hardware/software with the appropriate solution. Lots of companies will advise you on what system is best for you within the first few points of contact anyway.

It’s always important to know that the advice given from companies should be taken as they will have more experience in this field.

7. A scalable EPOS system for you without the maintenance

One of the downsides to owning any form of equipment is worrying about the maintenance of that equipment. With an Epos Rental, all your equipment is covered for any maintenance that you may need. This can include programming changes, equipment updates, if needed even an increase of terminals.

One additional benefit is that you can start off with a low number and increase the number of rentable items as you need them. Any epos system that you rent can grow with you to assist you with your business. you can even seek assistance in linking these systems together if you decide that this would benefit your business.

8. Offers best return on investment and minimum risk

With a low-cost rental, minimum upfront costs and short terms of agreements, renting a system are the best solutions for new companies. Purchasing a new Epos system can cost upwards of about £2000 depending on the services you require. That is a lot of money to ask for from a new business!

Short term Epos rentals and till rentals take the risk away by allowing you to test the waters of not only a till system but maybe the functionality of your business such as key location for stores and key times for sales.

9. Quick turn around

If you have an event coming up with short notice and you have just decided that you will be requiring a rental system from us, or even if another company has let you down last minute, New Horizon Systems is at hand to help you. We recommend that you contact any company with a minimum of a week in advance so that they guarantee a system is available to you. Most companies will require a list of your sellable products with prices, text for the receipt and delivery details. All payments must be made before the dispatch date to guarantee your system for the correct date of delivery. This is a standard company practice.

Most of these tasks can be taken out by managers of a site and the rest is taken care of by your chosen rental company.

10. Event is managed by experts

The best part of a rental Epos system or renting a till system is having expert assistance with you at any time.  Check how much experience a company has with Epos rentals or Cash Registers. Companies learn from their customer over the years and know what kind of system other similar customers will be requiring. This can be as small as recommended system to more in-depth programming features that you will be requiring.

Once you have supplied your details, rental companies will then be able to organise everything ready for the dispatch date. All you will need to do is make sure everything is sent to the right location by supplying correct details on the order acceptance.

Even while on site, you should be able to contact the rental company for advice on how to use the till and with some companies, will be able to train you to use the till with the most effective functions for the designated till.

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